The Bhaktisangam Festival is organised on the
donation basis, except for the small charge for the accommodations.

Our founder-acarya Srila Prabhupada states
throughout his books that spiritual knowledge
should be given free of charge. This is an important
principle of brahminical culture and Vaishnava hospitality.
Spiritual culture is a culture of giving, serving and contributing.


Estimated travelling costs for
speakers and kirtaniyas for 2020

This year there is also an opportunity to
donate and sponsor travel costs of our speakers
and kirtaniyas, facilitating Krishna
katha and bringing joy to devotees. Donations
given with a happy and affectionate heart complete
the loving exchange of receiving spiritual
knowledge, upliftment and inspiration.

You are most welcome to contirbute with
any amount you are able to give, as a service from a grateful heart.

Kindly mark your donation as Bhakti Sangam Travel.
We have chosen not to ask for individual donations
for each guest but should you feel inclined to
sponsor the travel of a particular guest feel free to mark
your donation so or contact us for
further details using the registration form.

Estimated cost for this year travels (not yet covered) is 15 000 sek.


Endeavouring to cultivate the mood of serving,
we do not charge for the prasadam during our festival.
Giving and accepting prasadam is one of the
main loving exchanges and an important part of a Vaishnava culture.

Please join in feeding the devotees by giving a donation from the heart,
which will help to cover the expense of the prasadam. Experience the deep satisfaction which comes from serving and pleasing the assembled Vaishnavas!

Estimated Prasadam costs for the
Scandinavian Bhakti Sangam 2020:

* Total cost for prasadam - 63 736 SEK
* One breakfast - 3 308 SEK
* One lunch - 4 808 SEK
* One evening meal - 3 308 SEK

Kindly mark your donation as “Bhakti Sangam Prasadam”.
For further inquiry please contact
Paramesvari Devi Dasi

You can send your donation to our bank account:

inside Sweden:

account number: 6616-185 261 272

Swish: 123 184 1022

from abroad:
IBAN/ SE03 6000 0000 0001 8526 1272

Almviks gard
153 95 Järna