1. When is the registration considered completed?

Your registration is completed upon receiving a
confirmation from us, usually within 3 days. We will send a reminder
and info to you all (therefore provide email) in June with final details.

2. Does confirmed reservation mean confirmed accommodation place?

Your accommodation is confirmed upon recived payment.
Note registration does not mean confirmation of your
exact accommodation place. We finalize the accommodation
facilities firstly in June but will take your requests in consideration
(smaller room, ground floor…) as much as possible.

3. To register for guest house and ashram accommodation,
I need to pay in advance. How much and how do I do that?

Payment for guest house booking in the amount
of 2100 sek for 2 adults for 6 nights, plus 520 sek
for each child older than 5 should be paid in advance latest by
10th of May for your registration to be completed.
​Payment for ashram booking in the amount of
80 sek per night/per person should be paid in advance
latest by 20th of June for your registration to be completed.

Payment has to be made to: ​
ISKCON Almvik Handelsbanken SE-6616
Järna Sweden inside Sweden Account number: 6616-902 782 738 ​

From outside Sweden IBAN:
SE 116 0000000000 902 782 738 SWIFT: HANDSESS

4. What if one needs to cancel the registration?

Should your ability to attend change at any point,
kindly inform us asap by responding to the confirmation mail or writing directly to so we can give your place to someone else.
Please do this if anyhow possible as a service to other devotees.
We had difficulties in the past with early bookings who
never showed up while we had to deny attendance to some other devotees.
Thankful for your cooperation.

5. Would there be a possibility to order special diet-prasadam?

We do not currently have facilities to cater
for special diets needs nor special separate cooking facilities.
Some possibility to arrange for these privately in the
village may be there so consider doing this if such are your needs.
Our three daily meals are lacto-vegetarian. We will try to consider
basic requirements of some preparations being
available for those who want vegan diet but do let
us know if this is required latest by 5th of July.
Nuts will be used in the cooking. If you are allergic to any
nuts please write to Paramesvari dd at

6. What should I consider when planning the trip to Bhakti Sangam Festival?

It may be helpful to know that our water supplies are somewhat limited and we, therefore, do not provide washing facilities during the Bhakti Sangam week. Please pack enough clothes for your stay. Although our festival is in the summer, for those of you traveling to Sweden, do consider that our temperatures are somewhere between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius and some rain may be expected.

We appreciate if you can book a whole week stay during the festival, especially for the guesthouse and the ashram. Given that our ashram facilities are limited, we are grateful if those considering to only stay with us for a few days opt for camping or staying with a friend living on Almvik (if that is possible, of course) so that beds are not empty for half of the week. And please do inform us if you cannot come so we can give the bed to a devotee that may be on a waiting list.

If you are visiting us from an European country, please see that you have with you your European health insurance card or, if you are coming from abroad, that you have a valid traveling insurance arranged in time (and of course your passport).

There are a lake and forests on our grounds so please prepare your children and yourselves for it. You are most welcome to swim and take hikes. We recommend you have swimwear and proper shoes with you. It is most likely that some hikes will be included in the program.

You are coming to Sri Sri Panca Tattva’s grounds and the association of devotees, so if you can, prepare yourself with some meditation and reading, consider the early mornings and taking part in the mangal aroti. We will provide a resting time after lunch.

7. What are the important dates and deadlines in regard to the festival?

May 10 - confirm reservation for the guest house by prepaying for the stay

June 20 - confirm reservation for the ashrams by prepaying for the stay

July 5 - last day to confirm if you are in need of vegan diet
- Last day to book a pick-up

July 22 - arrival days
July 28 - departure days

July 28 - Ekadasi