Almvik is situated about ten minutes car drive from Järna,
toward Nykvarn, in the rural area, at the lake Ogan.
The easiest way to reach us is by car.

Almviks gård

How to get here?

We humbly ask everyone to primarily use a public transport from
the airports and ports to Järna station or Södertälje hamn
where we can assist with a pick up.
Pick-up registration opens in June.

What to do when not arriving with your own car?

Pick up locally:

from Södertälje hamn - 110 sek
from Järna - 60 sek

The distance from Järna to Almviks Gård New Caitanya Candrodaya Mandir
is about 8 km and from Södertälje Hamn around 25 km.

Using public transport from an airport or a harbour

Public transport in Sweden is well organised and relatively cheap.
Please see the links for the accurate prices and any further info at

Arriving by Plane​

There are three airports in the Stockholm area:
Skavsta, Arlanda and Bromma, first two more likely to be
used for flights incoming from outside the country.

1) Skavsta Airport is closest to Almvik, mainly used for Ryanair flights.
Here is a link to public transport from Skavsta to Järna.
Click the SV flag to change the language to English.

2) Arlanda Airport is the biggest airport in Sweden, and is on the other side of Stockholm from Almvik.
Short bus drive from the airport, a convenient train can take you from Märsta to Södertälje Hamn in little more than an hour.

If you must opt for a pick up from an airport; please note that due to having to drive through Stockholm,
a drive from Arlanda (and Bromma) will take time, be more costly and is more difficult to arrange.
Skavsta normally takes about 45 minutes and may be a better option.

Price for those pick-ups
from Skavsta - 300 sek
from Arlanda - 450 sek
from Bromma - 350 sek

Arriving by Ferry

1) while coming from Helsinki, Turku, Riga and Tallinn
you arrive at Stockholm Värtahamnen
Please find train schedules from
Värtahamnen to Järna at

We wish you a smooth journey!